Live independently and safely
with peace of mind

Even though most people strive to live independently, there are times when living alone means that there is no one to assist you should you need help. Whether you are a senior, a baby boomer or an adult with aging parents, FreedomAlert will provide you and your family with the reliable safety and security when it is most critical.

911 Forwarding Feature

With our 911 Forwarding feature, a friend or family member can simply dial 911 from their phone while still on the line. The unit will then automatically hang up and dial emergency services.

Program Up to 4 Numbers

Freedom Alert calls each number
in sequence and can be programmed
to dial 911 if you choose.

The FreedomAlert system allows you to contact family and friends at the click of a button. It is the first programmable, 2-way voice communication pendant that quickly puts you in contact with up to four relatives, neighbors or friends should you need it. All at the touch of a button. And if your programmed contacts are unreachable, FreedomAlert can be programmed to dial a 911 operator.

What’s especially attractive about this system is that there are no contracts, no activation fees and no monthly fees. A single, one-time purchase gives you the ultimate personal emergency response system at your fingertips.

The FreedomAlert System comes with a two-way, programmable pendant, base station, lanyard, belt clip, rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries and an emergency back-up battery for the base station.

  • Call Friends and Family or 911
    at the touch of a button
  • NEW 911 Forwarding Feature
  • No Contracts
  • No Monthly Charges
  • One Button Safety Protection

You never need to wonder if the system is working or not. FreedomAlert comes with a test function and the simple touch of a button gives you a dial tone and instant assurance that the system is working.

Features & Benefits

  • No monthly fees, no activation fee, no long-term contracts
  • Two-way programmable system allows you to talk directly
    to relatives, neighbors or friends with an automatic default
    to a 911 operator
  • Comes with two rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries and an
    emergency back-up battery for the base station.
  • Includes a lanyard and a belt clip
  • Splash resistant – take it to the shower with you!
  • Feel secure in knowing that the system works by simply
    pressing the test button anytime
  • Recommended by doctors, healthcare providers and experts
    across North America